cm255 : The Incredible Monk จี้กง คนบ้าหลวงจีนบ๊องส์ ภาค 1 DVD 1 แผ่น

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เสียง ไทย/จีน

บรรยาย ไทย


Daoji stationed in Suzhou and Hangzhou during Southern Song Dynasty, to prevent goblins and leprechauns from causing chaos.
Daoji saved the people from a tsunami caused by an aqua monster, but he was blamed for not fulfilling his dut. People started to convert from Buddhism to Hongyuan.
Soon came the sudden news that the Emperor was dead and a young emperor reigned. After Daoji s thorough investigation, he found that it was the well-orchestrated conspiracy of Roc.
Roc wanted to overthrow the Spiritual Trinity. The Emperor God, Thor, Nezha, the Fairy of Nine Heaven and Daoji s close friend Fuhu the tiger taming lohan,
to help combat the evil force in the Mortal.