CH800 : ตำรวจสาวกับนักข่าวแท็บลอยด์ Sergeant Tabloid (พากย์ไทย) DVD 4 แผ่น

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จำนวน 4 แผ่น

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Lui Fei-hap (Niki Chow), known as "Lui Hap", is a thirty-one-year-old Emergency Unit sergeant of the Hong Kong Police Force, who has been let down in love many times  so when she finds her perfect man (Vincent Wong) she jumps at the opportunity, never suspecting that he is a drug baron until she arrests him.

To make things worse their relationship hits the headlines when tabloid reporter Gordon Lam (Michael Tse), known as A1, stumbles upon it while following another story. Lui Hap s and A1 s paths continue to cross when pursuing duties and stories, sometimes cooperating and sometimes as enemies, sometimes saving the other and at other times the target of each other s practical jokes. A mother goose to her section, Lui Hap comes into conflict with her new commanding officer Madam Kiu (Mandy Wong), nicknamed by her subordinates as Madam Kill, when Kiu demands perfection of her section.

Before long Lui Hap finds herself falling in love with new recruit Wong Tze-tsuen (Matthew Ko), only for A1 to stand in her way again. Pushed to her limits both at work and in love, Lui Hap has no choice but to fight back in the name of love.