CH775 : ศึกนางพญาวุ่นรักอลเวง Queen Of Diamonds And Hearts (พากย์ไทย) DVD 5 แผ่น

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ศึกนางพญาวุ่นรักอลเวง Queen Of Diamonds And Hearts นำแสดงโดย กัวจิ้งอัน, เฉินฝ่าลา, เฉินหมิ่นจือ, หยวนเจ้าเสียง, หวงจื้อเสียน, หลี่ฮุ่ยอี้

King Chai (Roger Kwok) is the inept ruler of Qi, a state surrounded by larger neighbours and beset with hidden internal and overt external threats. The guardian spirits of Qi come to the aid of Qi and King Chai by arranging for Chung Mo Yim (Fala Chen) to become the Queen of Qi. Chung Mo Yim is skilled in magic, martial arts and the use of strategms, however she has been born with a prominent birth mark on her face and King Chai finds her ugly. The opponents of Qi in turn arrange for King Chai to become infatuated with Ha Ying Chun (Sharon Chan). King Chai takes both Chung Mo Yim and Ha Ying Chun as co-wives, with Chung Mo Yim becoming Queen of the East Palace and Ha Ying Chun becoming Queen of the West Palace.

Although naive and kind hearted Ha Ying Chun is jinxed by Qi s enemies and all of King Chai s attempts to please her lead to disaster after disaster, problems that only Chung Mo Yim can defuse and fix. Although originally she only married King Chai out of duty to the people and nation of Qi, Chung Mo Yim comes to desire to be more than King Chai s troubleshooter and a wife in name only.